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When Darcy and Lizzy meet at the Meryton assembly, Darcy is already engaged to another woman, and Lizzy has suffered the loss of someone she once loved. How will they find their way to each other, with these obstacles, and so many more, standing in their way? 


The Time Mistress Series


The Time Baroness

The Time Baroness is the story of Dr. Cassandra Reilly, a scientist from the year 2120 who embarks upon a time travel journey to England of 1820. Her purpose is to conduct an experiment: living for a year in the guise of a wealthy widow and interacting within the Regency world. Though she has painstakingly prepared for the experience, her new neighbors in Hampshire County sense something strange about her, and though most embrace her for her kindness and charm, some are shocked by her odd ways. Ultimately though, her beauty attracts a handsome violinist, also new to the neighborhood, and they begin an affair, which further endangers her reputation in the community.


As she is struggling to fit in, her grown son, James, suddenly arrives on her doorstep, popping in from the future. His presence is one more component that could cause her masquerade to unravel. James becomes a popular addition to the Hampshire society, but he makes a terrible mistake. He brings with him a device from the future and shows it to a young woman with whom he is smitten. She is terrified and creates an uproar. James is arrested for possessing a dangerous and subversive object and it is up to his mother to free him from a London prison and return him to the future before her enemies succeed in convicting him. Help comes from a surprising source, and ultimately Cassandra realizes that people, and love, are not always what they seem to be.


The Time Heiress

In this sequel to The Time Baroness, scientist Cassandra Reilly is time traveling again. Evie Johnston, a beautiful, wealthy, young artist, offers a tempting endowment to the Time Travel Department at M.I.T. if Cassandra will accompany her to pre-Civil War New York. She wants to meet her abolitionist ancestors, ancestors who have ties to Cassandra’s ex-lover from Regency England. But Evie has a secret reason for wanting to make the trip. She wants to find the painter of a single existing master work and change history, if she can, by saving his other paintings.


Once Cassandra and Evie arrive in New York City, circa 1853, they are thrown into a world of runaway slaves, slave catchers and revolutionaries. They meet and are invited to stay with Evie’s ancestors, who think they are visitors from Boston interested in “the cause.” Evie’s involvement with the abolitionists allows her to find Caleb Stone, the painter she had sought, who is also a runaway slave. As she falls in love with him, she becomes embroiled in the perilous work of the Underground Railroad. Cassandra is purposely distracted from Evie’s secret activities by the charismatic philosopher and anti-slavery activist, Thaddeus Evans, though her association with him puts her in danger from his enemies.

With ruthless slave catchers bearing down on both the abolitionists and the runaways, Cassandra and Evie find they must help their friends escape to a safe-house in Queens and ultimately on to Canada. This is when the time travelers must make wrenching decisions about the men they have come to love, decisions that could impact the future drastically


The Time Contessa

The year is 2124 and people throughout the world all seem to be dreaming of the same image: a portrait of a beautiful dark-haired woman. The MIT Chronology Team, including Dr. Cassandra Reilly, realize it's a painting of a woman named Giuliana, who lived during the Italian Renaissance. She is the same woman that Cassandra’s colleague, Jake, met and fell in love on an earlier time-journey. Somehow, Jake had disturbed the timeline, causing the painter of Giuliana, Francesco Marino, to die before completing the painting. Thus, it disappeared from all conscious thought, into subconscious dreams. The time-travelers must now restore the correct timeline by traveling back to Renaissance Siena, finding the artist, and keeping him alive to finish the painting.

In Siena, Jake meets Giuliana again and falls under her spell, while Cassandra is torn between the enigmatic Francesco, and his mentor, the charismatic painter and inventor, Lauro Sampieri. Giuliana is married to a dangerous man, and as the time-travelers become more involved with the dramas of the people of the past, they end up putting their own lives in peril. Finally, when Jake is attacked by Giuliana’s jealous husband, Cassandra has to escape with him back to the future, with no choice but to take Lauro as well.


The future is a difficult place for Lauro Sampieri to adjust to, and as he does, the scientists must figure out the best way to return him to the past. In doing so, they encounter a new disruption to the timeline of the painting, something that seems to have to do with Francesco Marino’s descendent, Franco, a man willing to do anything to ensure his own fame. With the help of Siena’s mayor, Giulia Brogi, named after the woman of the painting, Jake, Cassandra and Sampieri manage to defeat Franco’s plans and restore the present to rights. Ultimately, Lauro still has to find a place for himself in the history, though he and Cassandra have fallen deeply in love. Parting from him may be the greatest challenge she has yet to face.


The Time Duchess 

Sometimes, time travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as James Reilly discovers when he journeys to Elizabethan England to solve a long debated question: Did Shakespeare really write the plays attributed to him? When his investigation leads to nothing but a violent confrontation between him and the Bard, he returns to the future to ask the most renowned time-traveler of the day, who also happens to be his mother, Dr. Cassandra Reilly, to go with him to London of 1598 and use her charms to make inroads where he has failed. Once immersed in the era, Cassandra finds herself becoming intimate with the key players of the time: Shakespeare and his troupe, Queen Elizabeth, Ben Jonson, Robert Cecil, and Edward De Vere - the Earl of Oxford. However, navigating the perils that lie around every corner of London of that day, as well as the whims of the unpredictable queen, makes it a hazardous undertaking, especially when three men are vying to win Cassandra’s heart, and a mysterious presence seems to be stalking her.


The Elizabeth, Darcy & Me - Series


Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me

Could there be someone behind the scenes of Lizzy and Darcy's romance, inadvertently steering the course of events? Perhaps the timeless love story of Pride and Prejudice is only a part of the picture, as other players unknowingly weave the plot, and end up finding passion themselves.


Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me - A Battle of Wills

Now that Lizzy and Darcy are living in wedded bliss, what could possibly come between them? Lady Catherine De Bourgh, of course, stirring up trouble, with Mary in the middle. As a result, Lizzy and Darcy find themselves in a battle of wills which threatens the happiness of the couple and their otherwise peaceful lives at Pemberley


Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me - A Maiden's Honor

When it's Georgiana's turn to get married, she finds her past coming back to haunt her in a devastating way. While Darcy and Lizzy do all they can to set the situation aright, Georgiana is the only one who has the power to steer the course of her own destiny and happiness.



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